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Turn up the Volume for Haven House

On Thursday 11th October Avon House turned up the volume to extremely loud for Haven House. Part of the children’s development, the house captains have to pick a charity of their choice. Dannika, the house captain for Morris house, wanted to choose a local charity to support. Haven house is very close to Avon House and had previously fundraised for them.

The children got to see an insight into what things are like at Haven House. A worker from Haven house visited and explained all of the wonderful things they do for the families. So we as a school wanted to raise as much money as possible. Our mission was to sing as many songs as possible in 20 minutes.

Firstly the Pre-prep and Early years sang beautifully in the morning and even had a few dance moves in there as well. One of the children said their favourite song was the funky monkey. This was followed by the prep school singing in the afternoon. One teacher who was returning from a trip out said they could hear us singing from down the road which was great news. The children had great fun and it was fabulous to see so many smiles on their faces, and singing at the top of their lungs. The children also had the chance to wear such bright colours, everyone looked amazing!

The final activity the children are involved in was to carve a family pumpkin at home and enter it into our competition. I can honestly say there are some scary looking pumpkins out there. Well done to Krish who created a great design to win the competition and Zayan for finishing in 2nd place.

Well done to Avon House School and Morris House for organising such a special event for a special charity.