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MFL Fair at Bancroft’s School

Posted: 21st March 2023

students dressed with big t-shirts on from different countries

There was a continental feel on Friday 17th March when 10 pupils from Year 5 attended an MFL Fair at Bancroft’s School. Bancroft’s senior linguists entertained ours by delivering a wide range of activities designed to make language learning fun. Pupils had the opportunity to practise their French and Spanish skills, as well as sample new languages, such as German and Russian. From designing language-themed t-shirts to aiming penalty kicks at football related German vocabulary, a fun-filled afternoon was had by all. Let’s not forget the delicious crêpes and pains au chocolat which were also on offer!


“The best bit was decorating t-shirts with designs in different languages. I put the French and Irish flags with pizza and spaghetti bolognese.” – Molly 5APH


“If you scored a goal, they taught you a word in German. I learnt that “Tor” means goal in German.” – Ajay 5PH


“The best thing was eating foods from different countries, such as crêpes and pains au chocolat. I also enjoyed decorating a t-shirt with different ways to say hello in other languages.” – Jenny 5PH


“I enjoyed scoring penalties, eating cookies and shirt making. But what stuck with me the most was the Just Dance!” – Tanure 5AN


“In the MFL Fair there were a lot of activities, but my some of my favourites were the face painting, cookies and making t-shirts.” – Zoya 5AN

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