Avon House Preparatory School offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities. These take place before and after school as well as during the lunch break.

Clubs change termly and places are allocated at the start of each term. The majority of clubs are run by our staff and are free of charge, except where consumables are used. Karate is run independently and charged accordingly.

Our co-curricular provision in the Prep Department aims to provide pupils with the opportunity to gain life skills or try something new.

On a Monday, the Prep Department pupil’s school day extends until 4.15pm for them to take part in a co-curricular activity. There are many activities to choose from including: touch-typing, first aid and English Speaking Board.

Summer Term Clubs 2021


F2 – Year 1:Me and My Paintbrush
Year 1 and Year 2:Petanque (Boules) at WWC
Mixed Football
Year 2:Short Tennis at WWC


Year 1 and Year 2:Karate
Year 3 and Year 5:Netball Club
Year 3 to Year 6:Hama Beads
Year 4 and Year 5:Squash57 at WWC (Racketball)
Year 5 and Year 6:Cookery


F1:Mini Scientists
F2:Construction Crew
Year 1 and Year 2:Diddy Detectives
Year 3 to Year 6:Warhammer
Year 3 to Year 6:Audio Story Creator
Year 3 to Year 6:Drama (Hall)
Year 3 to Year 6:Table Tennis Coaching at WWC
Year 3 and Year 4:Development Rounders at WWC
Year 5 and Year 6:Rounders at WWC
Year 5 and Year 6:Cookery


F1:Puppet Story Telling
F2:Messy Art
Year 1 and Year 2:Dance (Hall)
Year 1 and Year 2:Glee Club – Singing
Year 2 and Year 6:Strings Club (violin)
Year 3 to Year 6:Debating
Year 4 to Year 6:Comic Book Creators
Year 4 to Year 6Tennis and Lacrosse at WWC


Year 3 to Year 6:Karate
Year 4 and Year 5:Coding
Year 4 to Year 6:Mixed Cricket at WWC

Monday Prep Activity Programme – Summer Term 2021




Young Apprentice6HDMrs Dunne/Mr Purkiss
Poetry/Creative Writing5CSMs Steel
STEM5NHMrs Hooley
GardeningOutsideMrs Campbell
Stop Motion Animation4JBMr Babra
Scrabbling AroundLibraryMrs Suckling
First AidMrs Wratten’s RoomMiss Erratt/Mrs Wratten
ESBMusicMr Reed
Needles and Pins3SGMiss Greenin
Touch Typing3GEMrs Best
Newspaper EditorsComputingMiss O’Donnell
Board…I think NOT!4CSuMr Biston