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Why Choose Us

Avon House is a family where everyone matters and this is made possible because of the size of our school. We are not too large, not too small. We have perfectly sized classes which offer high ratios of staff in a caring and nurturing environment. We are not prepared to compromise on the things we think are important and will go out of our way to ensure they happen.



With an extremely high standard of education, the core subjects of English, Maths and Science underpin the curriculum with specialist staff enriching the academic timetable for all pupils whether in Nursery or Year 6. Lessons are set to support every pupil, whether a child requires extra support and consolidation or stretch and extension of knowledge.

At grass roots in the classrooms, all pupils explore, create and develop into well round individuals. We have Character Education at our core and from their first entry point, we give children the tools they need to develop all aspects of themselves in preparation for senior school.

Two Languages are taught French in Prep and Spanish across the whole school (including Nursery). Art, Music and Drama are also key elements. Two thirds of our pupils in Years 1-6 are learning one instrument. We have specialist music teachers, choirs, LAMDA public speaking, Dance and Drama which all add to our holistic approach to developing the whole character of every pupil within the school.

Whilst not losing sight of tradition teaching methods, we have also embraced technical learning (appropriate to the age of our pupils) within all areas of the curriculum. Every Avon House pupil has a secure Google Classroom account and our Prep children have Chromebooks with lessons tailored to meet a diverse way of teaching.

Our partnership with The Woodford Wells Sports Club provides pupils with unique access to a vast range of sporting facilities. With weekly Dance, PE and Games lessons we cover all areas of Sport and take our Prep children to a local swimming pool for weekly swimming lessons.

We are fortunate to have a team who not only want our pupils to thrive in class but also to see their skills and talents develop through our Extra Curricular Clubs programme. From additional sports activities, getting creative, learning a third language, developing coding and further technical skills, every afternoon after school (and before school some mornings), there are a wide range of additional activities open and available to our pupils. All all recent ISI Inspections, our school has been highly commended for the breadth of clubs we offer, for all ages.

Our termly day Educational Visits for all pupils (including Nursery) and Summer Term Residentials for Years 3-6 further develop our pupils’ knowledge and understanding.

We are a Gold Rights Respecting School with a strong focus on celebrating Pupil Voice. Our pupils serve on Councils, including Sustainability, School, Diversity, Sport and Rights Respecting. We encourage all of our pupils to be seen….and to be heard.

Our House System underpins Pastoral Care within the school. Every child is taught and encouraged to have the confidence to speak to an adult if they are in need of support either emotionally or to solve a problem.

Our ethos is built on kindness, respect, empathy, honesty and fairness. Our school protocols operate a zero tolerance level for bullying and for a pupil who may require additional support for a mental health need we are fortunate to have a School Councillor as part of our staffing team.

We have a strong 11+ Preparation Programme that is integrated into every day school life. Our 11+ preparation is thoughtful and offers a tried and tested process when Grammar and Common Entrance practice are carried out and it works. Success at 11+ in Grammar and the Independent sector is strong with most pupils receiving multiple offers and for some, scholarship opportunities.

We are a gem of a school, on the edge of Epping Forest. We offer nurture and care for all of our pupils whilst creating a thirst for knowledge. With the establishment of strong connections and a deep understanding of every pupil at our school, we can support them and provide an environment for all of our pupils to develop and flourish. By focusing on the individual development both inside and outside of the classroom with engagement via our 360-degree curriculum, pupils are given opportunities to learn more about how they feel, who they are and where they belong. This in turn encourages them to be a balanced and well-rounded individual and ensures that they are ready, as and when, they embark upon their next academic journey.