Within the Avon House Preparatory School Art Department, we cover a vast number of topics ranging from painting, printmaking, collage and sculpture. The National Curriculum is covered creatively through project related topics learnt across the School. Art is well respected within the School and pupils have a dedicated art lesson a week. Teachers also use creative ways of teaching throughout the year.

The Art Department encourages independent thinking and creativity but also ensures skills are developed as pupils go through the years. This is evident in their sketchbooks and the work displayed around the School.

Every year in the spring term, we run a highly successful Art Week where the pupils research an artist and/or artist movement. Pupils explore the artist’s work and the art movement they fall into through a variety of art, alongside maths and English lessons which are taught with an arty twist.

Knowledge and the awareness of a range of artists from renaissance to contemporary are taught creatively and cross-curricular links are made frequently. Some of our pupils’ recent favourites were the link to ‘Women in History’ day and ‘STEM Week’.

Hard work is rewarded in the form of a ‘Golden Paintbrush’ for a pupil every term and also entry into competitions. As a Department, we are very happy to have ISA Art Competition winners, both nationally and regionally.

Building confidence within creativity is the most important factor for the Art Department at Avon House Preparatory School. We want the pupils to have strong skills and understanding of the art world before they leave at the end of Year 6.

Every child has the right to explore their emotional and conceptual ideas and at Avon House Preparatory School we believe we offer that through our art curriculum.