Our journey begins at the age of three in our Foundation 1 nursery class. This is where we lay our first firm foundations in learning. It is in this class pupils prepare for later schooling and life skills that are fundamental in Prep school education. We offer the best possible start in a secure, safe, caring and happy environment, which provides enjoyment in exploration, expressing themselves through creativity and a thirst for discovering new knowledge.

Our youngest learners at Avon House Preparatory School are nurtured in an intimate environment led by a team of caring, dedicated staff, where each pupil is allocated a key person to support their individual needs. Our Foundation 1 class is led by an Early Years Specialist and supported by two teaching assistants. The pupils follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, experiencing a mixture of child and adult led activities, learning through play in a vibrant and engaging environment with access to their own outdoor area. Our aim is to develop each pupil’s emotional, social, creative and physical skills, along with their confidence, self-esteem and independence, which will enhance their future development as a learner. We know that children learn, progress and succeed at their own pace, so we ensure we tailor the learning to each individual pupil and have high expectations of their behaviour and learning.

The pupils’ learning is continually assessed and recorded. Parents are regularly informed about their child’s progress and are also encouraged to be involved in their learning through opportunities for parental involvement and supporting in different class activities.

Investing in our youngest pupils from this early age enables us to encourage their interests, promote their social and communication skills, develop their talents and most importantly inspire a love of learning that they can continue throughout their learning journey at Avon House Preparatory School.  With familiar staff and surroundings, and relationships already built, our Foundation 1 pupils are ready for the next step in their exciting learning journey and make a smooth, seamless transition to Reception.