Wraparound Care

Avon House Preparatory School appreciates that extended hours can be hugely beneficial to working parents and is able to offer supervision from 7.30am to 6.00pm.

Breakfast Club operates on a daily basis in the school library from 7.30am.  Breakfast, consisting of cereal, yoghurt, fruit and a fruit juice drink, is served until 7.45 am.  This is charged on a termly basis.
The charge from September 2018 is £250 per term (Foundation 1 and 2) and £150 per term (Years 1-6)

Early Risers operates on a daily basis from 8.00 am. Pupils in Foundation 1 and Foundation 2 are cared for between 8.00-8.30am after which they are escorted to their classes by the staff on duty.
The charge from September 2018 is £100 per term (Foundation 1 and 2).
(Pupils in Years 1-6 are supervised in the playground where a member of staff is on duty.)

Tea Timers is open to all our pupils and is run in the School by our staff who provide a variety of activities until 6.00pm.  Pupils are taken to Tea Timers at 3.40 pm where they are registered by the staff.  At 4.00pm the pupils are given a drink and biscuit.  They have free play (toys, games, drawing, dvd etc.) until 5.15pm when a high tea consisting of a sandwich, fruit, yoghurt, biscuit and a drink is served.

Charges from September 2018
Occasional use:
£10.00 per session until 5:00 pm
£15.00 per session until 6:00 pm

Regular use:
£250 per term until 5:00 pm
£495 per term until 6:00 pm

Late collection charges apply