Year 1

The move from Foundation 2 (Reception) to Year 1 is carefully managed by the teams working together to ensure a smooth transition takes place. We provide a happy, well-resourced and structured environment where the pupils are valued as individuals and supported in developing their learning style to continue their journey in becoming independent and successful learners. Whilst we strive for high academic standards, and these are recognised, we also celebrate a range of achievements and provide opportunities for pupils to develop their talents. We promote mutual respect for others, good manners and self-esteem whilst having high expectations of the pupils’ behaviour and learning.

There are two classes in the year group named Cranes and Pelicans. Each class has a teacher and full-time teaching assistant which allows a good staff-pupil ratio to deliver effective differentiation so every pupil is supported and appropriately challenged on their own learning journey.

The pupils’ learning is regularly assessed and informs teachers to enable them to plan activities that will appeal to a range of learning styles and support pupils in making rapid progress. Parents are regularly informed about their child’s progress, as we continue to foster strong relationships with parents to support a positive learning experience for every pupil. We firmly believe that working in partnership with parents is crucial to ensure the pupils have the best learning experience possible.