group of students with teachers

School Council

The School Council at Avon House Preparatory School consists of pupils from Pre-Prep to Prep who are elected by their peers to represent their class at School Council meetings.  Our meetings are led by the Chair and Vice Chair plus a teacher representative.

As members of the School Council, we take our job seriously. We see ourselves as the voice of all pupils in the school and have the responsibility of keeping the School as problem free as possible. We take the classes’ ideas and problems straight to the meetings and we prioritise the most important plus the ones that catch our attention. We help all pupils in the School to feel confident with sharing their ideas whilst helping the School with its fund-raising events. We have regular meetings – every one important as the rest.

What does a School Councillor do?

The School Council takes part in lots of activities to help pupils at Avon House Preparatory School and in accordance with the Unicef Rights of the Child articles 3, 12, 13, 14, 15, 29 and 31 to:

  • Enjoy and feel empowered by their education
  • Listen to the views and concerns of our pupils
  • Help to run class discussions and feedback at council meetings
  • Come up with ideas to help improve the School and make decisions
  • Organise fundraising events for Avon House Preparatory School and charities
  • Have the responsibility for a budget
  • Lead by example
  • Develop life skills through participation

What roles do the School Councillors have?

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Class representatives

School Council members for 2023-2024

Chair – Molly D

  • Vice Chair – Mannat

Class Representatives

  • Year 1 – Soraya and Dhillon
  • Year 2 – Amani and Riishii
  • Year 3 – Shayan and Aarit
  • Year 4 – Anaya and Isla
  • Year 5 – Lavinia and Maggie