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Benefits of Transitioning at 11+

Deciding a primary school for your child is an important decision and for those opting to pursue the independent sector, there are now varying options as to whether to sit your child for 3+, 4+, 7+ or 11+. In some areas, even 5+ and 6+ options are available.

Whilst transitioning early into a ‘through’ school may appear to alleviate the pressure of sitting 11+ examinations, there are a number of reasons why this is not necessarily true. There are also strong arguments to support remaining in a primary school up until the point of 11+ – a familiar environment, pupil knowledge and the potential to flourish.

Firstly, remaining in a through primary school provides children with a familiar and consistent environment. This safe and nurturing environment helps children to develop positive connections both with adults in the school and with their peers. It is these connections that develop and change as the child’s character and personality grows. For some children, these connections can be established quickly, whilst for others a longer duration is needed. By providing children with a familiar environment, we are able to encourage pupils to develop these connections at their own pace, whilst also providing a foundation for developing their own academic progress.

By the age of 10/11 years, not only have we, as teachers, gained a deep understanding of each pupil, but the children themselves are also more self-aware and understanding as to what they like and dislike. Developmentally, certain skillsets do not start to develop until post 7+ and therefore the ages of 7-11 years are still key in gaining an understanding of the areas that a pupil may thrive.

In addition to this, pupils in Years 5 & 6 experience both physical and emotional changes. They are starting to mature and become more independent and socially aware. Year 6 becomes a natural time of change for a child and the 11+ transition, a time at which a potential ‘fresh start’ is both welcomed and needed.

Finally, the aim of all education is to help an individual grow, develop and flourish. With the establishment of strong connections and a deep understanding of the pupils, the support and provision for the individual can also develop. By focusing on the individual development both inside and outside of the classroom with engagement via our 360-degree curriculum, pupils are given opportunities to learn more about how they feel, who they are and where they belong. This in turn encourages them to be a balanced and well-rounded individual, ready to flourish as they embark upon their next academic journey.