Why Choose Avon House School


“It is very difficult to summarise my past 8 years at Avon House in such a short amount of time. My earliest memory at Avon House is from Foundation 1, when I first started at the school. I came home very excited to tell my parents that we would be going on a wiggly walk. I was adamant that we had to wiggle on this walk and had convinced my parents too. It was afterwards I had realised that it is the WEEKLY walk…To this day, in our house we still go on wiggly walks. Although, how cute would a group of F1s look wiggling down Woodford High Road!

I have many unforgettable memories at Avon house. Inter-house Competitions, Sports Days and Pancake races. I can still remember one of my first Sports Days where I had to do the sack race. Avon House has also provided so many great opportunities to learn outside of school through school trips. My favourite trips have been Colchester Zoo, the STEM Discovery Centre and Shakespeare’s Globe. Last year, a few children had the fantastic opportunity to go The Laver Cup and were lucky enough to see the top four tennis players in the world. It was such a great day.

On the behalf of Year 6, I would like to thank the school for organising this year’s Stubbers Residential. It was extremely enjoyable. It was also an entertaining way to learn life-skills. Year 5, if you go to Stubbers next year, beware of Mrs Campbell – she is very good at laser tag!

I would like to mention one final memory from Avon House which for me is the most important and defining. When I was in Year 1, I had to perform in the Performance Assembly, I was petrified and I didn’t have the courage to play. Mrs Campbell and Mrs Telling got the whole of the school to close their eyes and eventually I did play. If it were not for the teachers support and encouragement, I might not be the musician or person that I am today.

Thank you Avon House, you have inspired and motivated me to always do my best.”

“My daughter joined Avon House Preparatory School a little over two years ago. The transition was excellent and she was welcomed and nurtured from the start. We found immediately that Avon House works very positively with each individual child, helping them to improve and grow. We have been extremely satisfied with the progress our daughter has made at Avon House, and the opportunities she has been given, in sport and the arts as well as academically. The school is very driven to giving a child a well-rounded experience in which to grow.”

“We have found Avon House to be a small nurturing school that has created a stable, happy and fun environment for our children to thrive. Our children are making childhood memories within a safe establishment whilst also gaining a strong foundation.

The opportunities available to our children are vast despite the size of the school. There is great access to extra-curricular activities, after school clubs, music and sports allowing our children to pursue their own unique skills.

The teacher’s enthusiasm in all areas of the school is not only inspiring but refreshing – from their teaching methods to their involvement in inter-house competitions creating a welcoming habitat for any child.

For us, our children’s happiness is paramount – this is evident on our children’s faces upon drop-off and collection.

We’re proud to be a part of the Avon House family.”

“Avon House Preparatory School provides a nurturing environment that treats each child as an individual and allows them to thrive. For the last four years our daughter has quite literally skipped through the gate into school each day and we have proudly watched her gain in confidence, maturity, understanding and knowledge.”

“Avon House Preparatory School is a very forward thinking and vibrant school. I could not have asked for a better start for my two children (aged 8 and 4). They have thrived academically and emotionally in such a nurturing yet structured environment. Small class sizes with experienced and dedicated teachers give Avon House such a wonderful sense of community.”

“The overall achievement of the pupils is good and represents successful fulfilment of the school’s aims to achieve a strong academic ethos beginning with firm foundations in EYFS.” – ISI Inspection Report January 2020

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the exceptional education, care and support that my child has received during his time at Avon House. Your dedicated and experienced staff have created a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that has enabled my child to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. I have been consistently impressed by the quality of teaching and learning at Avon House School. The curriculum is rich, varied, and engaging and the teachers have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that my child’s learning needs were met. Your commitment to fostering a love for learning and intellectual curiosity has instilled in my child a lifelong passion for knowledge.


Beyond the academic realm, my son has benefited from the excellent pastoral care and extra-curricular opportunities that you provide. Your emphasis on character development and social responsibility has enabled my child to grow into a compassionate, confident, and well-rounded individual.


I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire Avon House School community – the Headteacher, Teachers and Support staff, – for making my child’s time at your school a truly memorable and enriching experience. Your dedication and hard work have been instrumental in shaping my child’s character, skills, and values, and for that, I will always be grateful.”

“Our daughter, who joined Avon House during Year 4 post the pandemic, has told us that this school helped her to open her eyes. I wish to pass my gratitude to every member of the staff who has made our child’s life so wonderful.”