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Results & Destination Schools

At Avon House Preparatory School we are proud of our pupils’ achievements.

Nearly all of our pupils obtain their first choice secondary school.

When your child is preparing for secondary school, Avon House Preparatory School has thorough systems to support the process.  We have good relationships with the selective schools in our area and staff are familiar with procedures and requirements.

Our 11+ Exam Preparation programme takes place in the year leading up to exams. Pupils practice past papers and are given mock interviews to polish their interview skills.  Verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills are firmly embedded from Year 2.

The school holds a “secondary ready” meeting during Year 5 and regular parents meetings to advise of application procedures.

For further information on exam preparation, please contact the School.

Please find below our 11+ independent school results for the current year.  We are very proud of the offers our pupils have received which is reflected in how well motivated they were to succeed.

11+ School Results 2022/23

Bancroft’s School 6 places
Brentwood School 9 places, 1 scholar
Chigwell School 9 places
Christ Hospital 1 place
Forest School 9 places, 2 scholars
Haileybury 2 places
King Edward’s 1 place
New Hall 1 scholar
Normanhurst 2 places, 1 scholar
Portland Place 1 scholar
Queenswood 1 place
Royal Hospital 1 scholar
St Edmund’s 5 places, 2 scholars
St Mary’s 1 scholar
Woodford County High School 1 place
Results based on a cohort of 30