About Us


“Avon House is a family concerned for the happiness and general well-being of all. Celebrating and supporting every pupil begins with self-esteem, honesty, fairness, integrity, respect for oneself and respect for others. In our happy, secure environment the emphasis is placed on each pupil being recognised as a valued individual. We hope our pupils will develop their full potential in both academic and non-academic fields, with a strong moral understanding of truth, equality and humanity. We aim to give our pupils life-enhancing strategies to build on as they progress towards the adult world.” 


  • To equip our pupils with the confidence, humility and resilience to thrive in everything they do
  • To encourage a love of learning indoors and outdoors
  • To inspire each child to realise their unique talents and reach for their full potential
  • To enhance and enrich our pupils’ personal, social, creative, academic and physical development
  • To acquire strong moral character and an understanding of right and wrong


  • Respect for others
  • Loyalty to our School
  • Curiosity in all things
  • Happiness and wellbeing
  • Resilience


We believe that a child’s character is a combination of all the values and qualities that they possess and that by providing pupils with a range of opportunities and experiences both within and outside of the classroom, we can provide a platform for children to flourish.

Character Education underpins all that we do at Avon House.