7+ Entry & Scholarships

7+ Entrance Exam and Scholarship – Friday 5th March, 2021 (for children joining Year 3 in September 2021)

For a registration form and further details please contact our Registrar, Mrs E Best on 020 8504 1749 (option 3) or email

Entry at 7+

A few places are available each year to join the School in Year 3.

Our 7+ entrance exam is held in the spring term and the date and details are announced well in advance, although candidates may be considered after the set date.

Candidates are interviewed in small groups and must complete an examination consisting of mathematics, reading comprehension and creative writing tests.


Avon House Preparatory School is committed to rewarding talented pupils at 7+ entry.  Candidates who perform best in the 7+ entrance exam are awarded academic scholarships to a maximum of 25% for the duration of the pupil’s time in the Prep Department.

Musical talent is also recognised as part of the scholarship process and children may receive a bursary to cover the cost of one music lesson a week.

Scholarships are open to both current and prospective pupils.

Every scholarship or other award or concession is a discretionary privilege, subject to high standards of attendance, diligence and behaviour on the pupil’s part and to the parents treating the School and staff reasonably.  The terms on which such awards are offered and accepted will be notified to parents at the time of offer.  Any value attached to a scholarship shall be deducted from fees before any other concession is calculated or assessed.

For further information about 7+ entry and to request an application form please contact our Registrar, Mrs E Best on 020 8504 1749 (option 3) or email