Year 2

The Year 1 and Year 2 teams work closely together to ensure pupils are ready for their final stage in Key Stage One. In Year 2, pupils continue to build on the skills they have developed in Year 1, flourishing as independent and successful learners. They continue to thrive and achieve to the best of their ability, not just academically.  A range of talents are encouraged and celebrated and we maintain our high expectations for behaviour and development of social skills.

There are two classes in the Year 2 group, Flamingos and Herons. The pupils are taught in small class sizes with a dedicated teaching team of a class teacher and a full-time teaching assistant in each class. The good staff to pupil ratio and differentiated learning allows us to tailor the journey to each pupil’s individual needs and support, as well as to encourage and challenge each pupil to fulfil their true potential.

Each pupil’s progress continues to be carefully tracked and regularly assessed in order for the experienced teaching team to effectively plan activities to support the pupils in reaching their potential. The home school partnership that has been established also continues to be highly valued, with parents being regularly informed about their child’s progress and having many opportunities to communicate with their child’s teacher through our ‘open door’ policy.

In Year 2, the pupils have the same timetable as in Year 1, but with the additional challenge of Reasoning. Their level of independence flourishes throughout the year and is carefully encouraged by the teaching teams, with the summer term being a transition term to prepare them to start Key Stage Two. In addition, the pupils experience a day in Year 3 to ensure every pupil finishes Year 2 ‘Prep School ready’, full of eagerness and anticipation to start their learning journey in Key Stage Two in our Prep Department.

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