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Young Voices at the o2

Posted: 16th January 2024

o2 arena

In a spectacular showcase of musical prowess and harmony on Monday 15th January for the first time representatives from the Avon House choir in Years 4, 5 and 6 performed at the O2 Arena, as part of the Young Voices Choir event.


Nothing could prepare us for the sight, sound and energy of 8,500 children singing in unison. As the lights went down at 7pm for the show to start, we had amazing view of the whole arena and the atmosphere really was electric! This was the first time many Avon House pupils had experienced a music concert and it truly was an amazing immersive introduction to the power of live performance.


The choir have been working hard since before Christmas,  learning the lyrics of the featured songs that ranged from contemporary hits to timeless classics. At the O2 we were led by our enthusiastic conductor, David     Lawrence, who inspired the very best from every child there. We performed many hits and medleys, including songs from Matilda, Moana, a ‘Get on Board’ and ‘Walking’ arrangement, the hit ‘Today is Gonna Be a Great Day’ and of course the Young Voices anthem for 2024, ‘The Moment.’


The unforgettable evening for children, teachers and parents alike also featured the dance skills of Urban Stride, critically acclaimed jazz singer Natalie Williams, the award winning teacher turned rapper MC       Grammar and the talented Nandi Bushell, who at only 13(!) blew us away with her drumming mastery with a rock medley.


Young Voices aims to promote musical education, community spirit and unity with the importance of collaboration and teamwork. The pupils who attended are still talking about their evening as we head towards the end of the week and are already looking forward to attending next year. We hope that Young Voices strikes the right note and has the potential for fostering a lifelong appreciation for the musical arts in the hearts of our children.


Molly (6NH) reported, “On Monday 15th January, people from Year 4, 5 and 6 went to the O2 to perform in Young Voices.

We arrived at the O2 for a rehearsal. That went really quickly and we had a packed tea before the big night.

We had a great night with amazing harmonies.


I had the best time ever!”


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