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Performance Assembly

Posted: 19th April 2024

The Summer Term Performance Assembly held on Friday 19th April, was once again a vibrant showcase of the amazing talents and creative expressions of Avon House. Pupils from across the school in Year 1 to Year 6 participated, sharing their excellence artistic endeavours. The termly Performance Assembly provides a platform for our pupils to shine and celebrate their various talents, fostering a sense of pride and camaraderie among the school. The assembly began with Lillie (Y6) soulfully sharing ‘Son of a Preacher Man’, followed by the beautiful playing of Soraya (Y1) on piano with the piece ‘Camptown Races’ and Bobbi (Y4) with a stand out performance of the poem ‘It Starts With A Seed.’

Aubrey’s (Y3) rendition of ‘Loud’ from Matilda the Musical really took everyone by surprise with her dramatic flair and Adam (Y6) demonstrated that he is talented with multiple musical instruments by playing all the right notes on a clarinet smoothly with the piece ‘Study In Pink’, making it seem effortless.

Half way in the assembly we were treated to a display of flexibility, core strength, balance, discipline, and dedication with Tara, Tanure, Francesca and Niquey demonstrating their fabulous gymnastic skills. From the moment they started, children and adults alike couldn’t look away and had us all on the edge of our seats!

Aarit (Y3) and Elina (Y1) then harmoniously brought us a an enchanting duet of ‘Do-Re-Mi’ from The Sound of Music, Anika (Y1) played ‘Crooked Man’ and ‘Au Clair De La Lune’  gracefully, Arianna demonstrated a wonderful choreographed ballet routine inspired by ‘French Maid’ and we finished with Emily (Y6), tap dancing her way around the stage to ‘Singing in the Rain’ in a performance that featured intricate moves and ecstatic energy that no doubt inspired many of the younger pupils to try it out for themselves.

Congratulations to all our performers, Avon House has so many talented pupils!

Thank you to Mr Reed for all your organization for this, and previous performance assemblies! Avon House can’t wait to see what talents and skills the Autumn term 2024 brings.

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