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Young Musician of the Year

Posted: 24th May 2024

two school students holding medals either side of a teacher

The Avon House Young Musician of the Year Competition is an annual event designed to celebrate and showcase the talents of young musicians in the Prep and Pre-Prep. The competition’s preliminary rounds took place during the day on Thursday. Our adjudicator, Mr Pares, Director of Music at Forest School, heard over thirty enthusiastic performers play a wide range of instruments including the recorder, flute, violin, piano and drums. The final started at 4.30 that afternoon to a packed hall, with Mr Pares declaring what pleasure he had had listening to everyone during the day.

The Pre-Prep finalist were Aanaya, Anastasia, Anika, Benjy, and Keeran.

The Prep finalist were Adam, Amha, Azrael, Jenny, Maliha, Max, Molly and Sophie.

Mr Pares shared some thoughts before announcing the winners, including about our performers capturing the mood of their pieces, playing with character and with a natural flair, having control of their instruments and being well projected. One number was  performed so beautifully it even brought tears to staff eyes!

It was a tough competition but there can only be two winners; Congratulations to Benjy in the Pre-Prep and Adam in the Prep for their excellent performances and manging their musicality so professionally.


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