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Extended Education

Talented and Gifted Children

At Avon House we aim to support the abilities, personal qualities and talents of all pupils. We aim to ensure that all pupils receive an education appropriate to their abilities. We provide teaching which makes learning challenging and enjoyable. We employ a wide variety of methods of recognition of potential.

Children may be taken from class during their school day for intervention group work. This is provided for children who need extension activities and help to further develop skills to achieve a higher level of the curriculum.

In the prep school children have opportunities to compete against other schools in general knowledge, science and maths quizzes.  These are prepared for by weekly subject specific groups before an event. Children are selected for these teams by inter-house events and recommendations from class teachers.

Those deemed talented in sport represent the school in teams against other schools and our sports co-ordinators encourage these children to engage in these activities in clubs outside school and in some case children move on to represent the borough and beyond.

Pupils who are talented musically have the opportunity for individual lessons and to sit exams in their chosen musical field and often go on to achieve high levels.



CReSTeD Report Outcome 2019

'The organisation of the provision is excellent, pupils have appropriate support to develop the skills to make progress within the school.'

'Parents speak highly of the school and the progress their children are making.  They commented on the confidence they have seen in their children and the development of the willingness to take on challenges.  They commented that their children enjoy school.'

Crested Report April 2019

SEND provision

At Avon House we believe that each pupil is an individual who needs to have opportunities to fulfil his/her potential. We aim to make the school a happy place for all pupils to learn and grow spiritually, morally, socially and culturally (in line with our SMSC Policy) as well as academically. We recognise that all SEND pupils have a right to receive a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum. We believe that early recognition of SEND and intervention, where appropriate, are very important. We strive to be a fully inclusive school where all pupils are welcome including those with SEND.

At the beginning of each academic year pupils undergo testing to establish current levels of learning.  From this, in consultation with teaching staff and looking at the child’s academic history, intervention groups are devised.  Small groups receive multi-sensory over-learning to help reinforce some of the concepts covered in class.  Some pupils with a specific learning difficulty receive specialist one to one intervention (there is a small additional charge for this). 

All of these pupils’ progress is monitored and parents have an opportunity to meet with the Extended Education Provider at parents evening and additional times when requested. 

Children who need individual targets to enhance their progress are issued with an Individual Outcome Plan (IOP) which is updated termly by our Extended Education Provider in consultation with the class teacher, child and parents. 

Avon House has two onsite Speech and Language therapists who work with or assesses children on an individual basis (There is an additional charge for this).

The Extended Education Provider can administer a dyslexia screener for children whom it is thought may have a Specific Learning Difficulty. Avon House School would recommend the Sheila Ferrari Dyslexia Centre if it was felt a full Specialist Teachers Assessment needs to be carried out.

Avon House follows a very structured phonic based spelling scheme. Children who have a difficulty with spelling receive additional support from the Wordshark interactive computer programme. This may be delivered in their school day or by “invitation” to a club.

Children’s comprehension skills can also be further boosted by use of the Lucid Rapid Comprehension scheme.

Pupils who are having emotional, social or behavioural difficulties are invited to attend lunchtime Circle of Friends group.  During this time children have an opportunity to discuss concerns or issues that they have.

Avon House also provides an onsite counsellor who children can access if there is a need (there is an additional charge for this).

English as Additional Language (EAL)

Teachers work with bilingual staff and parents, wherever possible to:

  • Provide Positive Role Models 
  • Raise self-esteem
  • Support understanding, concept development and assessment
  • Raise language awareness of all pupils
  • Support home-school links  
  • Provide opportunities for the pupils to work bilingually or in L1 e.g. through dual language stories and songs, celebrating L1 use in role play and other activities
  • Check spelling and pronunciation of pupils' and parents’ names
  • Ensure effective two-way communication of information via interpreters translations to the best of their ability
  • Report progress to parents effectively
  • Record language, cultural and religious information at admission
  • Encourage parents' active participation in the setting e.g. using bilingual skills for storytelling, labels etc. sharing information, skills and artefacts as appropriate
  • Celebrate cultures and religious events through assemblies, themed weeks and RE lessons (see SMSC Policy)