Pupils’ Code of Conduct

At Avon House Preparatory School, we have high expectations for pupil conduct.  High standards of behaviour and work are expected at all times.

Our Pupils’ Code of Conduct exists to enable the School to be a purposeful, happy and tolerant society where each member of the community can fulfil their potential.  Our pupils are encouraged to show consideration and care for people and property.

Parents and guardians are requested to ensure that their children have read and understood this document.

  • I will arrive at School in time to prepare for the day having eaten a healthy breakfast.
  • I will wear my uniform with pride and ensure that I have the correct sports kit.
  • I will ensure I have all the correct equipment for my lessons.
  • I will ensure I work to the best of my ability in all subjects and complete tasks on time.
  • I will walk around School quietly, taking care to be helpful and courteous to others.
  • I will take pride in my environment and look after school property.
  • I will always knock before entering a room and ascertain if there is a member of staff to receive me.
  • I will not enter parts of the buildings at break times that I should not access.
  • When the bell is rung I will always line up correctly and silently.
  • I will act with dignity and show respect to my peers, staff and visitors.
  • I will always consider others feelings and respect others as I would like to be respected.
  • I will refrain from behaving in a way that brings the School into disrepute, including when outside School.
  • I will accept sanctions when given.
  • I will ensure that the UNICEF Rights of the Child are upheld to the best of my ability.