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Term Dates

HEREThe school year is divided into three terms: Autumn, Spring and Summer.  There are three half-term holidays: two weeks in October, one week in February and one week in May/June. There are three longer holidays: three weeks at Christmas, three weeks at Easter and eight weeks in the summer.

Our school day begins at 8.30 am for all pupils and finishes at 3.30 pm (with the exception of Mondays when the Prep Dept finish at 4.15 pm).  

The current year’s term dates are set out below:

Term Dates 2019/20

Autumn Term 2019

Commence:   Wednesday 4th September  8.30am
Half Term:   Monday 21st October -
Friday 1st November
 End of Term:   Friday 13th December 12.30pm

Spring Term 2020

Commence:     Tuesday, 7th January   8.30am
Half Term:   Monday 17th February -
Friday 21st February
End of Term:   Friday 27th March 12 noon

Summer Term 2020

Commence:   Tuesday 21st April 8.30am
Half Term:    Monday 25th May -
Friday 29th May
End of Term:    Wednesday 8th July 3.30pm

Please contact the school office should you wish your child to attend Holiday Club.  Chldren will be required to wear comfortable clothing and bring a packed lunch.

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