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Une Visite En France

Posted: 4th May 2023

students stood at the top of a building

This week, our Year 5 have been having a wonderful time in Normandy. On Wednesday, they had bright sunshine for their visit to a Cheese Factory and William the Conqueror’s Castle. They competed in a quiz in the evening, testing their knowledge of France and their observational skills! On Thursday, they saw the Bayeux Tapestry and exploded the town of Bayeux, including the beautiful cathedral. They then visited a very sweet-smelling chocolatier (better smelling than the cheese factory!) which taught them about the history of chocolate and the process by which the chocolatier makes their speciality Drakkar, a praline mousse coated in meringue. The children got to take some chocolate back with them and had a tasting; the milk chocolate rated more highly than the dark! Our star reporter Eliza interviewed the group about their
favourite part of the trip:

Emily: The chocolate factory because I liked seeing the story behind chocolate.
Ajay: The tapestry because it didn’t have writing on it, it had pictures and it was easy to see what was happening.
Sienna: The chocolate factory to see how it’s made. I found it really cool that they told us about the story.
Bailey: Having my birthday here because the adults were really kind and bought me a cake!
Issa: I liked going to the top of the castle tower because you could look out and see the whole landscape.
Tara: The weather was amazing and all the places we visited were very historical.

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