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Category: Educational Visit

Year 1 Educational Visit to Frinton

14th June 2024

This week Year 1 went on our Summer Term educational visit to the seaside! We went to Frinton Beach which was so much fun and we were so lucky with the weather, not only did it stay dry for us but the sun even made an appearance! The children had fun making sandcastles, finding shells…

Reception Visit To The Hive

14th June 2024

The highlight of F2s week, this week, has been our trip to The Hive in High Beech. We did so many fun activities both indoors and outdoors. We started by going on a forest walk and looking for different types of minibeasts. We used plastic containers to collect them and inspect them in closer detail….

Access All Areas

13th June 2024

This week, Year 5 went on an interesting trip to the past, which linked to our Humanities topic, Our Local Area. We had an access all areas pass to the not-quite-yet-refurbished Redbridge Museum/Library and were able to see the new exhibition, including all kinds of artefacts. Inside there were pictures, maps, interactive quizzes, an old…

Nursery Visit to Willows Farm

12th June 2024

Puffins have had a busy week which included an amazing school trip to Willows Farm. Full of excitement we boarded the coach and made our way to the farm. After listening to the safety instructions we first went to feed the animals. We saw a goat, cow, donkey, pig and sheep. We then got to…

Tomatoes, Peppers and Aubergines

11th June 2024

The Sustainability Council had a fascinating visit to Valley Grown Nurseries in Nazeing to learn more about food production on Monday. We learnt how the 3rd largest vegetable packing plant in the country supplies the supermarkets with perfect fresh vegetables all year round. Aiden and Arun definitely win the prizes for the most questions asked…

Year 4 Residential to Isle of Wight

4th June 2024

Our Year 4 trip to the Isle of Wight’s residential began on Monday 13th May. We said our goodbyes and set off for Portsmouth in the early hours on Monday. We weren’t long into our journey, when some children asked “how long is it to the Isle of Wight?’ “What time will we arrive in…

Year 4 Egyptian Workshop

3rd June 2024

Year 4 had a jam-packed week last week! Not only was it STEM Week but, on the Wednesday, the children also had an all day Egyptian workshop. As part of STEM Week, the children challenged themselves to master the art of balance with an innovative coding activity. They were tasked with building an interactive game…

Year 5 Residential to Normandy

20th May 2024

Our Year 5 trip started on Tuesday at 06:20, when we said our goodbyes and set off. The coach journey was long, but we found lots of ways to entertain ourselves, such as books, travel games and loud chants of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (the boys’ rows chorused in football songs)! Twelve hours later, the…

Year 3 Residential to Gilwell Park

17th May 2024

In a two day and one night filled adventure, Year 3 embarked on their first residential trip to Gilwell Park in Epping Forest this week, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Arriving at school on Thursday morning with bags packed and anticipation building, the children boarded the school buses with giggles and chatter filling…

Year 2 Visit to Hyde Hall

15th May 2024

On Tuesday, Year 2 had an exciting and educational experience at RHS Hyde Hall. Despite some rainy weather, we enjoyed lots of hands-on activities which reinforced our learning about habitats in Science lessons. For the indoor part of the day, children were able to get a close up look at some organisms that had finished…