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Hoops and Allsorts

Posted: 10th May 2023

Science lesson outdoors

Year 4 have enjoyed lots of practical Science this week. Firstly, they went out into the playground for some outdoor learning. The children were given animal pictures and had hoops on the ground to create a venn diagram. Working together in groups, they had to decide what the categories could be for their venn diagram and then group their animals accordingly. The children approached this in various ways including grouping them by their habitats, their diet e.g. carnivores, herbivores. After this, the children went back to class to continue their learning on grouping animals and learnt about classification keys and how animals can
be identified by using these. The children practised using them and then they had a go at creating their own, but instead of classifying animals, they were classifying liquorice allsorts sweets! They managed to come up with interesting questions to sort the sweets and identify each one.

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