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Category: Science

CSI Workshop for Year 6

21st May 2024

Year 6 got STEM week off to a flying start with their CSI workshop on Monday. Led by a forensic scientist, our pupils became crime scene investigators, looking for clues about the crime that had taken place in our school hall! They learnt various forensic techniques, such as how to take their own fingerprints, how…

Amazing Air Resistance

16th February 2024

Year 5 have been investigating air resistance by running with a parachute, recording the time and comparing it to running without a parachute. Noah (5HG) felt the investigation went but it might have been unfair as groups had different amount of wind. Jamie (5HG) thought the investigation went well as we got accurate results and…

A Live BBC Science Lesson

1st February 2024

On Wednesday, Year 6 took part in a BBC Live Science lesson which focused on the adaptations and  classifications of sharks. This thirty-minute live lesson, hosted by Steve Backshall, had learning activities for the children to engage with too. One of the tasks required them to correctly identify a shark using a dichotomous key. There…

Inter-House Science Quiz

24th November 2023

At the start of this academic year, the children in Year 5 and Year 6 took part in the Inter-House Science quiz. The top eight scorers were then sorted into two teams for the Inter-House Science Quiz. Today, the teams took on other children from Prep schools in the area heat of the competition. After…

Fruity Planets

11th May 2023

This week, as part of their Science unit about Space, Year 5 have been investigating how vast our solar system is. Using fruits, we looked at the size of planets relative to each other.  Mercury, the smallest, was represented by a peppercorn while the largest, Jupiter, was a watermelon! We couldn’t find a fruit large…

Hoops and Allsorts

10th May 2023

Year 4 have enjoyed lots of practical Science this week. Firstly, they went out into the playground for some outdoor learning. The children were given animal pictures and had hoops on the ground to create a venn diagram. Working together in groups, they had to decide what the categories could be for their venn diagram…

Soundproofing Sheeran

31st March 2023

To conclude Year 4’s Science topic on Sound this term, the children carried out an investigation on soundproofing. They wanted to investigate the best material for soundproofing a music studio and the materials used were bubblewrap, fabric, foam and newspaper. After making predictions about which material would be most effective, they played some music (Mr….