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Fruity Planets

Posted: 11th May 2023

students standing by a wooden door

This week, as part of their Science unit about Space, Year 5 have been investigating how vast our solar system is. Using fruits, we looked at the size of planets relative to each other.  Mercury, the smallest, was represented by a peppercorn while the largest, Jupiter, was a watermelon! We couldn’t find a fruit large enough to represent the sun, so we used 3 umbrellas to show just a fraction of the sun’s surface. Then we measured the distance from the sun to each planet in proportion to their size and modelled it in our playground, complete with orbiting moons.

Molly said: “It was really clever to use fruits as the different planets as different fruits and it was shocking how small Mercury (the peppercorn) was compared to the sun.”
Rire said: “I didn’t realise that Jupiter has so many moon.”
Daaniya said: “I never knew that the spaces between the planets were different sizes.”

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