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Posted: 15th September 2023

Wonder (definition) – To be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe.

At Avon House, we are constantly challenging children to think for themselves, to develop their ideas and be self-reflective. Our Wonderwall is located at the entrance to the Library and each week a different and, hopefully, thought-provoking question is posted for children to consider and write their response. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions, just new ideas and unique viewpoints to share. At the end of each week, a selection of responses are read out in Friday assembly with the winning children being awarded a house point.

This week’s Wonderwall question was:

What advice would you give a friend at the start of this term?

There were lots of fantastic responses this week, making it quite hard to choose which ones to highlight:

Harpreet 3DC: Be kind and listen to your friends.

Dinore 4FW: Believe in yourself!

Muhammad 5HG: Be the best you can be!

Keerit 6NH: Be calm, honest and kind, then you will have lots of friends to play with!

(Funnily enough, our Head Boy said something similar…)

And the last word is from Spencer 5HG who said ‘Have a great term!’


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