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A Record Breaking Harvest Collection

Posted: 6th October 2023

As it begins to turn colder with Autumn, Harvest celebrations are keeping us on our toes for certain! It was great to have your support this Harvest! We at Epping Forest Foodbank would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of your teachers, parents, carers, all of you wonderful students and of course Tony, that participated in Harvest this year.

Each year we take in Harvest donations to help provide emergency food to those struggling, we are seeing record breaking increases of those needing our supporting help in times of crisis every month, with your donations we are able to help multiple people both adults and children and pets with warm food and drinks this Autumn.

I am amazed to inform you, that your donation this year was…An OUTSTANDING 404.9KG!

Which is your record breaking Harvest donation so far!

Which is absolutely incredible and is the equivalent to 406 Spotted Skunks!

Spotted skunks are found in countries such as Belize, Canda, Costa Rica and more! A baby Spotted Skunk is called a ‘Kit’, they do look rather adorable.

From us all at The Epping Forest Foodbank, a great big thank you and well done for all your hard work.

Give yourselves a big pat on the back!

AHS will be running our Advent Calendar initiative closer to Christmas, let’s see if we can break our record of 103 calendars! Thank you as well to all the parents that attended this
morning’s Harvest Festival Service at All Saint’s Church.

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