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Anglo-Saxon Raiders and Different Types of Codes

Posted: 22nd February 2024

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Year 3 enjoyed finishing their longboat art project this week, assembling the different pieces and adding sails that gave the illusion of Anglo-Saxon raiders catching the wind on a wild sea. Richard said, “We painted the sea first then ripped the paper up. I didn’t like ripping my painting up, but I like my finished picture. I have a happy dragon on my boat.” Max added, “It was good to do topic-based art. I liked ripping the blue sea because I create abstract art at home.”

Both classes have started to look at different types of numerical, alphabetic and visual codes to aid their knowledge of computer based coding. Starting with Morse code, the children looked at the different sequences, called dots and dashes, and solved messages. Once familiar with the sequences for the alphabet characters, they created secret messages for their teachers and each other.

Alanna explained,  “I’ve done Morse code before and I could help my friends.  I wrote a message to Miss O’Mara. I’m looking forward to practising more.” Ethan followed with, “Morse code is confusing, there’s lots to learn but I like learning different coding.”


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