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Year 3 Residential to Gilwell Park

Posted: 17th May 2024

lots of young school students on a residential trip

In a two day and one night filled adventure, Year 3 embarked on their first residential trip to Gilwell Park in Epping Forest this week, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Arriving at school on Thursday morning with bags packed and anticipation building, the children boarded the school buses with giggles and chatter filling the air despite the early rain shower.

Upon arrival at Gilwell and surrounded by beautiful trees and nature, we were warmly greeted by our camp instructor Bunti, who wasted no time in guiding us excitedly to our first set of activities – fire lighting,             orienteering and low ropes after lunch together.  The groups then swapped later in the afternoon to take part in a new activity. Dinner brought everyone back together and a chance to share their day’s adventures, thoughts and feelings. Then, with a short time to settle into their rooms in the modern lodge, Year 3 were off out again to take part in grass sledging overlooking a beautiful view of North London.

The night passed uneventfully, clearly fresh air and their escapades along with sharing rooms with friends for the first time made for good sleeping, as they drifted off eager for another day of fun!

Day 2 started bright and early with breakfast and onwards to more activities included bouldering and a sensory walk before lunch and having to sadly leave. Many of Year 3 enjoyed it so much they were ready to spend   another night.

All residential trips are important in developing our pupils’ skills in self-confidence, personal organisation and communication and this was no exception. The residential team were thrilled to see everyone persevere to make sure they didn’t give up when tackling a challenge and for many, to be helping friends who were less sure of themselves to start and seeing these children prosper as the activity went on.

Teamwork was a buzz word of each day as the partnerships displayed by all during their activities was truly commendable. By working together, they not only accomplished tasks more efficiently, built better              relationships with each other and learned why cooperation and support is just as important outside of a classroom as in four walls. The Y3 residential team are very proud of everyone!

Year 3 returned back to their parents on Friday afternoon a little more confident, a little more resilient and a little more independent than when they left, ready for the rest of the Summer Term and the challenges of Year 4 in the future.

Adam and Mohid explained,  “We worked together on the low ropes, there was different types of ropes – the tyres were hard as we had to put our feet in to get over them.  There was ropes with holes and we had to stretch, I only did a little splits but Mohid did a big splits! At the firelighters, we tried hard, Adam did it first but I needed to put more pressure on the flint and steel. The fire burnt out quickly so next we made a bigger fire with twigs and it worked.”

Jacob added “On the grass sledges was the funniest thing. I went really fast but it was hard to pull it back up the hill, I needed my muscles for that.”

Nia said “I liked the rope slide on the low ropes and I made a big fire and a little fire and lots of sparks with the flint. I went really fast on at the bouldering!”

Azrael commented “The dinner was really nice, my favourite activity was on Thursday with the low ropes. It was hard to do, I needed balance and teamwork- I had great helpers with Arnav and Shayan.”

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