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Year 4 Egyptian Workshop

Posted: 3rd June 2024

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Year 4 had a jam-packed week last week! Not only was it STEM Week but, on the Wednesday, the children also had an all day Egyptian workshop.

As part of STEM Week, the children challenged themselves to master the art of balance with an innovative coding activity. They were tasked with building an interactive game where the player aims to balance an object on a platform using their face movements. The children also learnt to count using hieroglyphics, make ‘papyrus’ from paper and use modelling clay to create their own Egyptian jewellery.

Tyler: “I liked the coding game because it’s similar to Scratch.”
Haya: “I enjoyed learning to count in hieroglyphics because I like learning new languages.”
Jumana: “I loved doing the AI balancing acts and my highest score was 256.”
Eilidh: “I enjoyed writing the hieroglyphics out and trying to find solutions to solving the maths equations.”

On Wednesday, the children welcomed to the school “Professor Stuart”. He led the children through various Egyptian-themed activities, such as Nile hunting games, mummification and even chariot races! Did you know that Upper Egypt was in the south and Lower Egypt was in the north?!

Rebecca: “I enjoyed learning how pharaohs were mummified.”
Duae: “I learnt that Upper Egypt is lower and Lower Egypt is upper which is very confusing!”
Liana: : “In the workshop, I enjoyed learning about the mummification process.”
Seren: “It was great fun doing our processions, being led by Evielln Khamun.”

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