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Renewable Energy

Posted: 23rd March 2023

Students listening listening to the teacher

This term in Humanities, Year 5 have been learning about natural resources, in particular the ones used to make energy in the UK. Luckily, one of our parent’s works in renewable energy and he very kindly agreed to come in and tell the children more about his work. Mr Flood had some really interesting insight to give us on the work his company does involving wind and hydroelectric power.

Issa said, “We talked about how wind turbines work in sea and on land. He talked about how hydroelectric dams are constructed and how they work to make renewable energy. Mr. Flood specialises in wind farms and his company are Europe’s biggest producer of renewable energy.”

Tanure said, “Mr. Flood spoke to us about the National Grid and showed us a map of all the cables which send energy to the rest of the country. He also told us how electricity is made, by burning fuel like coal, heating water and using the steam to create electricity.”

Thank you, Mr. Flood, for giving up your time and developing our understanding of the topic!

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