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Did You Know Florence Nightingale Invented the Pie Chart?!

Posted: 23rd February 2024

On Wednesday, Year 2 were extremely lucky to meet Florence Nightingale, the heroine of the Crimean War we are learning about this term! Florence told us all about her upbringing and her family, who did not want her to become a nurse. She talked about her travels and had the children pretend to be Greek columns and statues in Athens, where she found her pet baby owl.

She then showed the children what hospitals in the 1800s were like and they acted as sick patients in the overcrowded ward! The children commented that the hospitals were dirty, unkind places which did not care for their patients.

Florence also had the children represent a telegraph pole, which was used to quickly transport messages from a journalist to The Times newspaper, so that  people could receive news quickly.

We took a journey together from England to Constantinople, where we set up an improved hospital of our own. The children learnt so much about Florence Nightingale in a unique way, and even Miss Neal learnt something new; Florence Nightingale invented the pie chart! We all really enjoyed the workshop, and thank Florence Nightingale for taking the time to tell us all about her amazing life.


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