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1st May 2024

This week, Year 2 were very lucky to have a speaker, Mr Grant, come in to speak to us about Passover. We have been learning about Judaism during our RPS lessons, and the children showed an impressive understanding of Passover at the start of the session! Mr Grant took the children through the foods on…

A Visit To Mulberry House School

7th December 2023

On Wednesday 6th December, representatives from Avon House’s RRS Council were invited to visit The Mulberry House School in West London, which is RRS Silver but starting their journey to Gold. We were asked to share our experiences and ideas about becoming Rights Respecting Gold and, as we approach the Summer Term when we are…

Non Uniform Day

23rd October 2023

The RRS Council was delighted to hold a non-uniform day to mark World Mental Health Awareness Day. Children were asked to leave their school uniform at home and to enjoy the opportunity to wear their own choice of clothes for lessons, in exchange for a minimum of £1. This idea was the inspiration of Isaac…

Rights Respecting Schools Presentation by our RRS Council

6th October 2023

The RRS Council had a very exciting week. They were invited to give a presentation to the Head Teachers Conference about what it means to be a Rights Respecting School. All eleven  members of the Council worked hard to explain what UNICEF is, what children’s rights are and how important it is for children to…

A Visit To The House of Parliament

21st September 2023

On Wednesday, the newly appointed members of the RRS (Rights Respecting Schools) Council visited the Houses of Parliament, the seat of democracy in the UK, with the mission to discover more about how they can make their voices heard and ensure that they achieve their rights.   Starting in the Palace of Westminster where Queen…

Selling Sunflowers

23rd May 2023

Our RRS Council sold sunflowers at the end of the day last Friday, raising funds for The Trussell Trust. They raised an amazing £300! RRS council will now use the money raised to travel to a local supermarket in a school minibus and buy the goods themselves to donate to The Loughton Foodbank.  

A Class-Room

27th April 2023

For Easter homework, each year group was given an article from UNICEF to focus on. In Year 4 the article was ‘Article 29 – Your right to develop your personalities, talents and abilities, to understand your rights and respect other people’s rights, cultures and differences.’ The children completed some lovely pieces of work, but we were…

Passover Talk with Mr Grant

7th March 2023

In line with their religious studies learning, our Year 2 and Year 4 pupils were visited by Mr Grant, a primary school teacher and active participant in the Essex Jewish Community. We would like to thank Mr Grant for giving up the time to come into school to talk to our children about Passover today….

Know Your Rights

23rd February 2023

Our RRS Council continues to be busy promoting Children’s Rights around our school. This week, they have updated their RRS Board which is located in our School’s Library. The board highlights relevant Articles that our pupils have access to around the School. Next week, on Thursday 3rd March, we will be celebrating World Book Day….

Paper Straws and Marshmellows

26th January 2023

This week in RPS, Year 4 discussed Article 15 which focuses upon setting up or joining groups and the idea that children can join or set up groups or organisations and meet with others. The children were then set the challenge of building the tallest tower possible using just paper straws and marshmallows.  They looked at…